There are a range of hotels from charming, mid priced to Haiti’s  luxurious. Usually the hotels outside the capital do not fall into the luxurious range, but they have a lot of charm and character.

  1. The Best Western Premier hotel is based in Pétion-Ville, the upmarket suburb of the capital.  It is centrally located so easy to walk around in the daytime. The hotel features some of the best Art in any hotel.
  2. The El Rancho has upgraded since the Earthquake and has a lovely open area with the pool as it’s central feature. Although more expensive than other Petion-Ville hotels it does have the best breakfast in town, and also a great Sunday buffet.
  3. The Marriott hotel is situated downtown, and has a lovely terrace outside for dining al fresco.  It has some beautiful art works in the public areas.
  4. Le Plaza hotel in PauP is a Haitian owned and Haitian run hotel which is on the Champ de Mars. They quote the hotel as being an Oasis in the middle of the city, and it does have a lovely garden area around the pool, as well as a nice bar and restaurant area.
  5. One of the most famous hotels is the Hotel Oloffson, which is featured in the Graham Greene book, ‘The Comedians’. It has lots of charm and character, but is not luxurious. It does have ceiling fans, a swimming pool, and normally on Thursd. nites there is a concert put on by the band led by the Manager and his wife – a very wellknown band  and much appreciated. Its the kind of place where the journalists and musicians always stay and so is lots of fun. This hotel is based downtown PAP and so is easy for those who like to get around on foot to explore.
  6. The El Rancho hotel is wonderfully situated with great pools, a Casino, evening entertainment on the weekend and good food and service. Again it is within walking distance of PV.
  7. The Hotel Montana is a hotel with a fabulous view overlooking PAP, and a great terrace dining room. It has excellent food, good service but is up a very steep hill, so difficult to walk to PV even though its not too far away.
  8. Palm Inn – this is a good location near the airport and primarily mission and volunteer groups use it.  Well run with plenty of rooms and a nice pool and good food. 
  9. The Kinam hotel was totally renovated some years ago and added on to what they are now calling “The Vintage rooms “ –  in other words the Gingerbread style older rooms.  They now have a very lovely very up-to-date hotel right in the heart of Petion-Ville, on Place St. Pierre.
  10. Karibe Hotel, the sister hotel to the Kinam is situated a bit out of the centre of Petion-Ville on a huge site in a garden setting. Plenty of space to enjoy the garden and the pool. It also has a big conference room on the grounds, as well as several smaller ones, plus a restaurant.

There are  beach hotels on the road to the North, about 1.5 hrs away from downtown PAP.

  1. The Kaliko Beach Club is an all-inclusive hotel, newly renovated with a beautiful sculptured pool, great favourites with kids, and a lovely beach.  The food and drinks are all in included in the price, and it is a lovely place to stay. There are a few water activities here, as well as the opportunity to go diving with the Pegasus Diving Club.
  2. Moulin Sur Mer is just a bit further along the road from the Kaliko and has a unique Colonial Museum along with wonderful grounds and a nice pool and beach. It has various water and non water activities.
  3. Ouanga Bay is a more simpler style beach hotel but very charming.  It has a lovely beach and a restaurant which is out over the water.
  4. Xaragua Beach Hotel has a lovely pool and 50 air-conditioned rooms together with a good conference room. It is on the beach and a bit further along from Moulin sur Mer.
  5.  DECAMERON – a large All inclusive hotel out on the Côte des Arcadins, which is the beach road going North from PauP.  It has a lot of rooms, a good beach and swimming pools and has plenty of day and evening activities. If you like the idea of relaxing and not running around doing tours, then this is the place for you. All meals and drinks are included.


Then if you are thinking of going to Cap Haitien, there is:

  1. the Mont Joli Hotel which is a good hotel based in CH, with a lovely pool, excellent view of CH, and good food and ambiance.
  2. The Roi Christophe is simpler, with ceiling fans but it has lots of charm as the building was the old French Governor’s palace of  the 1700’s. A favourite with VL’s clients.

There are other beach hotels up in this region also:

  1. Cormier Plage is situated outside of CH with very nice rooms, a pretty garden and a lovely stretch of  beach. They have a Divemaster at this hotel.
  2. Norm’s Place — a delightful guesthouse in Labadie. The house was an old French Governor’s mansion and some of the original walls are still there. Plus a lovely surrounding garden, with the front of the steps of the house right on the Labadie bay. A warm welcome and good food await you. A favourite of VL’s clients.

There are some good hotels out in Jacmel (see below re tours) + other parts of the South:

  1. Cap Lamandou hotel is brand new – just opened in Dec. 2003. It has a wonderful view out over the headland (the sea) and each room has a lovely balcony. It offers a swimming pool and breakfast is included. There are 28 rooms,  4 suites and a Conference room.
  2. The Cyvadier Plage Hotel, is situated about 10 minutes outside of Jacmel, on a lovely sandy beach. It has a little pool and two levels of rooms. The luxury block overlooks the bay. Part of the profits of the hotel go to providing 200 children with food and education.



  1. Off the coast of Aux Cayes in the South is a Tourist complex on Ile-à-Vache, called Port Morgan. It has been built to a European standard and also encompasses a Marina to accommodate yachts travelling around the Caribbean. The Island is most famous for having been home to Henry Morgan, the famous Welsh pirate who went on to be Governor of Jamaica. There are some lovely beaches within walking distance of Port Morgan. The management of the hotel come and pick you up from Aux Cayes Wharf in their motorboat – a journey of only 40 minutes.
  2.  Abaka Bay is an all inclusive hotel with a gorgeous beach and rustic style rooms. They pick you up from the bus station or the wharf and take you by boat from the wharf to the hotel.  You can relax on their beautiful beach or take walks around the island.
  3.  Village Vacances  is a well run community based budget hotel on Ile-a-Vache. It is well run, good food and service with lovely beaches around. If you fancy somewhere you can participate in or do some volunteer work with good room prices then VL can thoroughly recommend it.  Like the other hotels on the island they will pick you up from the bus station and the wharf to take you to their hotel.


  1. Place Charmant in LaBordes, Jacmel is a very well established and well run guesthouse. It is used mostly by missionaries who are in Jeremie for their voluntary work. Very well run and includes both breakfast and dinner for a reasonable price.  They also have a pool.